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It seems to me that true morality arises in each of our hearts as manifestations of Love - the kind we often call unconditional love, but which is the only love there really is. There are many formulations regarding how to manifest this love that have been offered up through spiritual texts as well as through various philosophies, the essential nature of which is often called The Golden Rule:
It certainly is not unique to Christianity. And spirituality, also, is certainly not unique to Christianity.

Regarding your closing "That ultimately is religion." statement, I would say that what you have described is really best called organized religion. A commonly accepted etymology of the word "religion" suggests that it derived from "re-" and "ligion" where "ligion" means to join and bind together as one and "re-" means again. For me, that indicates that religion is actually in essence about us being drawn together and joined and bound together in Oneness ... again.

From a theistic point of view, this suggests we were, once upon a time, in Oneness with God or in God, but we became separated from God and need to find our ways back to God. From a secular point of view, this suggests that we are, in our essential nature, united by what we all have in common, which could simply be viewed as Life, but that our awareness and view of our commonalities has become unclear in the confusion of our multitudes of diverse individualities, and that we need to rediscover our commonalities so we can re-unite in Life.

A most unfortunate aspect of organized religion is that it has resulted in more division and greater separation between us on all levels, from neighborhoods to world wide, which is quite contrary to the essential meaning of "religion" according to its very wisely inspired etymological origins.