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Do you know what Love is? What it feels like? Have you experienced Love in your life? Are you Loving? Do you have any concept of how it feels and what it means to have every thought, feeling and action arise as a manifestation of Love? Do you know, through experience, the way of tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness, support, trust, respect, generosity, mercy, compassion, inspiration, warmth, softness, etc.? These are descriptors of a truly realized spiritual being.

Or do you only know the way of doubt, distrust, suspicion, exclusiveness, separation, fear, dislike, judgment, contempt, anger, hate, greed, justification, logic, reason, infatuation, covetousness, coldness, hardness, etc.? These are descriptors of a spiritually unrealized person.

Or perhaps you are somewhere along the continuum between these extremes, as most of us are. Realization is far deeper than knowing, understanding or even wisdom. It is that which is most real for a person that serves as the source of that person's every thought, feeling and action - most especially in difficult conditions and situations, which often brings out the worst in us. Who we really are is determined by the level of our spiritual realization.

There is no authoritative arbitrator necessary, nor is one even possible, to determine who is or is not spiritual, yet it is not at all difficult for an open and loving heart to recognize a spiritually realized being by his/her radiant presence. My path is a universal one that recognizes the Truth as represented by every religion, by every spiritual path, even though it may be well camouflaged beneath dense veils of rituals, rules and creeds, as well as by the misdeeds of self-proclaimed practitioners who might fall far short of any and all religious ideals. I'm striving to follow a path along which there are many guides who inspire, encourage and support others towards the recognition, awareness and manifestation of the ideals of Love, Harmony and Beauty, as well as towards unity in Oneness. It's not a path of concepts but rather a path of experience that brings realization. Although, in practice, there are some who are designated leaders, there are no authorities and, in reality, we are all simply fellow travelers of the way - a way that is as ancient as humanity yet that is new with every breath, with every heartbeat.