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I kind of understand where he/she is coming from on this response to your comment. My question would be that if there is new truth discovered, are you not willing to take that into account or add that to your expirience? I am not saying to replace your beliefs but to add to them to get a better understanding. My concern here is your statement about other peoples's facts. As your critic stated facts do not belong to a person, group or an ideology. It is when facts belong to an ideology that we have the problems stated by your critic. "I'm right and you and you are always wrong" regardless of the truth involved. My truth trumps your truth because I am not even willing to look at your side. I believe this type of thought is the reason for independent investigation of truth. Truth belongs to us all regrdless if we want to follow it or not. My belief in or of a truth does not change the underlying truth at all.

I agree with your arguement about condemming one based solely on a given point or our limited understanding of that point. I do not believe that the critic is aguing conviction but application. His point appeared to be that the application of justice and equity based on the "facts" of the latter people in your arguement is what is in error. I do not believe that Baha'u'llah would have stoned to death gays or suspected gays. But there are those who even today push this very point. I also do not believe that Baha'u'llah would have kept them from being in the military or being of a value and service to society. There naturally would be limitations on their conduct.

Be open. We are not saying to replace your certainty with doubt but your doubt with certitude. Be willing to look at and question all answers given to you. I have no doubt that I will not know the next manisfestation but I am still looking and studying all of the religions so that I do not miss Him if God chooses to send another before I think He should arrive. Is this wrong? I do not know, but to not investigate every possibility leaves me in doubt and uncertainty.