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In my church we say that Lent is not so much for giving up something we love, but rather an opportunity to look at those things in our lives that may no longer serve us, and contemplate letting them go. After all, if I get along without it for 40 days, do I really need it?

Over the past several years, I have used Lent to examine eating habits, complaining and gossip, among other things -- but those three seem to ask repeatedly for my attention.

I love the idea of making space - I will now incorporate this into my Lenten exploration. Isn't this, after all, what Spring Cleaning is all about? Taking out our stuff - belongings, ideas, habits - and making a conscious decision about whether or not they are useful to us?

Thank you for this addition to my understanding. Not having been raised with Lent, I have been at liberty to explore the meaning and usefulness of it for myself, and have found it to be a wonderfully fruitful practice.

Here's to Spring!