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The future belongs to those who manage differences well. (read from the 20 yrs of NIMH funded research at --University of Denver)

Surely, we do have plenty of male arrogance and power-mongering and with plenty of feminist resentment, belief and action as well.

The answer will NEVER lie in convincing men to be much better women, or vice versa.

Somehow, we need to understand that we live a life of great ease-- specifically because there were plenty of inventors and builders who brought us cheap and powerful devices to eliminate drudgery. There definitely was a place for a few blowhards in this process--and those stuck in resentment added precious little of value to the transitions

The current level of gender "war" is very bad for our churches and our homes--and is MOST confusing and perplexing for our adolescents as they prepare for adulthood, where they see plenty of evidence of both men and women acting unreasonably and believing badly.

(...As if the world didn't need BOTH males and females).