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perspectives on recent events: It seems like the question that's inevitable in the wake of this catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, is where is God in all this? How can a God of love allow these events, these seismic, and in this case Size mic, events, to happen? Is God active in our lives or is God a passive bystander? We do attribute miracles to God or the intervention of Saints, depending of course on religious background. And for some, there is no God, because such events negate the existence of a "Prime Mover" in our lives. For many, science alone, in terms of random but also determined sequences of events, is sufficient.

A rabbi once told me, Ruth, life is paradox at all levels, get used to it. And surely life is entirely bounded by paradox, and one paradox has to be free will vs determinism, and where we posit God in this profound equation.

Certainly geology has answers and there is a science of plate tectonics. What we don't know, is whether these events are truly Acts of God, or whether it's all a game of chance, meaning the plates will collide, sooner or, later. Or is there a timing to all of this, and meaning beyond meaning? We do know one thing, and that is, compassion is the Source of how we not only obtain meaning, but what we do, all of us, in what is known as Tikkun Olam by the Jews, or the healing of the world, by others.

If all the world's a stage, and a staging ground, and we the actors, then still, we need to Act, and what is Seen and Scene, is what we must do in the wake of such utter despair and devastation.