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Here's another sample of Peacebang's crass bitchy tone. . .

"Here's my sodomy fantasy. Senator Bill Napoli anally impaled on the Statue of Liberty's torch."

Since "memory holed" along with some of her other insults and general bitchiness.

Still, for a self-described "Christian" Unitarian*Universalist "pastor", this still extant five year old Peacebang "rant" should raise a few eyebrows -

Friday, January 14, 2005

Please Pray For This Man

This is Leon Hatfield, a notoriously depraved S.O.B. who steals from churches on the South Shore. Police are looking for him. If you know him, please tell him that Jesus is really disgusted with his behavior and that while Jesus might forgive him, Peacebang (whose church he stole from) would like to kick him real hard in the teeth.

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She really pushed her luck a bit *too* far when she stridently pointed the finger at Roman Catholic clergy sexual misconduct, while covering up and hiding egregious clergy sexual misconduct committed by a Unitarian*Universalist minister, and this at a time when one of her own aging parishioners had just been convicted of the forcible rape of two preteen girls including a neighbor's daughter and a "female family member".

All of this information is true and readily verifiable with appropriate Google searches.