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Toward the end of the program was a discussion of acknowledgment of faith within the political discourse: "God BLESS America" as a refrain in the US v UK.
1. Instead, the refrain is "God Save the Queen." I suspect this stems from the age old imprimatur of the "anointment by God" as a right to rule/govern. This is further emphasized with the UK's split from the Catholic Church with the monarch as the "pope" or head of the Anglican Church. The Magna Carta accomplished the separation of Church and State. Remember that most colonists fled the religious oppression of the Anglican Church - the all encompassing of a single religion. The First Amendment codifying the Church/State separation resulted from the de facto status of each colony as a haven for a single religion (Massachusetts for the Puritans, William Penn had to set up his own colony due to the discrimination of Quakers, Virginia for the Anglicans, Utah for Joseph Smith's new religion... recall some cry about anything but "papists"...) In a similar vein - recall that the Roman Catholic Emperor (and Pope) at one time resided in France, and Madrid... and well Rome happens to be in Italy. It is that role of religion in the founding of the US that remains... sometimes to excess.

On the hand, I do not know if the royal families of Saud and the emirates, or even Persia's Shah use "God" (aka "Allah") as the foundation of their power and mandate, or if it stems from the age-old tribal hierarchy.

2. The assumption of that all Muslims are Arabs. (Or that all Jews are of ...ethnic extraction.) I've noted a certain number in the US that arrive at Islam after self-examination of the faith of their upbringing - usual a christian one, often Catholicism. Just as the Protestant Reformation worked to remove a layer of hierarchy imposed by this religion between God and the person, many seem to end up with Islam as it encourages direct examination of ... spirituality?.. by the supplicant/worshiper. (Or at least that is my naive understanding. Which is why I do not understand this system of Caliphates, Imans, Ayatollahs.) I've noted some who skip this or go past to Baha'i (I term this "reformed Islam") or Buddhism.

3. Response to self-reflection or isolation. Is this related to one's personality structure as well? Why is it that isolation (or solitary confinement) may result in the likes of Bah'a'ullah, Gautama, even Nelson Mandela on the one hand, and the extremist on the other (non-violence v violence)? [Recall that the penitentiary or correctional system was promulgated by the Quakers that reflection and repentance would result in renunciation of anti-social ways.]