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I very much agree with the need to encourage interaction between Muslims and other faiths.

However, I respectfully suggest that, if efforts to diminish violence are to be successful, those efforts must focus on the cause(s) of violent behavior itself and not on the specific justification (e.g., religious extremism) expressed by those who behave violently.

I respectfully suggest that the stimuli, which incline or compel some to violence, are to be found in the childhood experiences of the violent. Until we address and diminish violence towards children, including sexual and physical abuse, there will always be violent adults. Those violent adults may turn to simple but vicious crime, or they may cloak their violent conduct in extremist views of whatever stripe, be it religious, political, ethnic, etc.

Stated slightly differently, the problem isn’t the existence of extremist views, but the use of such views as the justification for violent conduct.