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From all the research I've recently done it seems that Bah Humbug's Quran references are examples of mis-quotes, or quotes taken out of context. While I certainly don't claim to be a subject matter expert on Islam or the Quran, Bah Humbug's text book examples of mis-quotes/out of context references lead me to believe that he/she is not a credible source of information on this topic and/or has an ax to grind. 2 things I'd love to see comments back on especially from Muslims following this thread: a). How would a jihadist vs. a reform/middle-of-the -road Muslim interpret the verbatim Quran passages, cited above by Bah Humbug? b). What would a reform Muslim's position be towards turning a fundamentalist/jihadist Muslim over to the authorities, if he/she had prior knowledge of the jihadist's plans to commit an act of terror? I ask this as my perception is that although the reform Muslim may not condone the future act of terror, they are much more willing to remain silent - more so than any other faith. Am I right or wrong?