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My father also had Alzheimer's. It is devastating. The hardest part for me was when his personality changed, and he would lose patience with us including his young grandchildren or say very off color things to us.
We, children of Alzhemier's, like Ms. Shaikh, do fear that we will get it eventually. My concern is that I will become a burden to my spouse. I have seen him in many caretaking situations from when he was a patient, understanding father to when he helped his mother accept her pending death from kidney cancer and now how he so beautifully treats his 92 year old aunt who needs much help. I know he will do the same for me if it comes to that, but I so wish for so many reasons that it won't.
Alanna, my mother joined a Spouses of Alzheimer's group when she was coping with and managing our father, her husband. Even though her children were very supportive, this group was so beneficial in so many ways. Do not hestitate to seek the help of peers and experts in the field.
Take care of yourself and bless you.