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Good Morning Krista,

I just finished listening to your entire broadcast interview with Mr. McKibben. I wondered why you did not question your guest about the recently uncovered e-mails from British scientists that offer an alternative viewpoint to "global warming" and "climate change."

I also wondered how Mr. McKibben balances his desire for "more travel by Google" with his admission that he just returned from a 2,000 mile trip. Wasn't he "marinated in crude oil" to get to his destination? Or did he choose to "backpack" his journey as he wants us all to do?
I am sensing a hypocritical aspect to Mr. McKibben's message, much as Al Gore admonishes us, and then goes about trading his carbon credits to balance his environmental footprint.

I had to wait until the very last segment of your interview to hear any religious tones in the broadcast. I was put-off by the decidedly political aspects, such as hearing about "the gulf between rich and poor" and how the Europeans, with their socialistic approach to life, do things so much better than Americans.