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I think Anoushka Shankar comments on improv are right on. Isn't mindfulness / prayer what we are always trying to bring or hoping to bring to a situation? I love the idea the being in the moment is prayer because it is our devotion, openness, and spirit in that moment that is truth, as well as, the deepest thanks of the truth. Although Anoushka may not be a typical Hindu, I think she was an appropriate person for this program because her music is a prayer, and this program was about individuals and how they pray, rather than about a specific religious view and how that religion dictates or determines one's prayers. I loved how though each person was from a different religious background/upbringing, mindfulness & in the momentness was the ultimate prayer. While I was still in school I took a course on Death and Dying. The number one thing I learned in that course, is that the best way to be with the dying, is by being fully in the moment with them. Also, enjoyed the Mary Oliver poem!