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Before I became a nurse, I was a Birth Sister (what our hospital calls our doulas) and did prenatal and postpartum home visits. My parents are Hungarian immigrants, and because I speak Spanish fluently I was primarily working with Central American families. I had to learn how to accept gifts across cultures. My culture said "I am here to help you or give you a chance to rest." The mothers would be only a few days postpartum, and they would prepare sometimes elaborate meals for me to thank me for helping them. It was a delicate dance - the new mothers were sometimes very tired, but I needed to say, in a way they could understand, "You're welcome. No, you don't owe me anything" before they could here me say, "And what can I do for you today?" I'm a vegetarian, by the way (not for religious reasons), but I rapidly realized that the "hospitality exception" was really important for the families in this case. So I would eat a small meal, thank the mother, and then we could sit down to work together. (By the way, Salvadoran pupusas are delicious!)