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Hi Steve. "However, it's fair to say that not all Afghan women's groups agree with the ptisoion set out above."Well, no, it's not quite fair to say that. RAWA (i.e. Malalai Joya) has reverted to its Maoist roots, and enjoys greater support among rich "liberals" in Southern California than it does in Afghanistan, where Joya, I'm afraid, is regarded as a faintly ridiculous character, at best.There may well be some Afghan feminists who support some sort of "troops out" ptisoion. Apart from the utterly marginal RAWA, I know of none, and I have never met one. I spent three weeks in Afghanistan last year interviewing Afghan progressives, liberals, secularists, human rights activists, and feminists across the spectrum, from the left to the right. Not one responded to the "troops out" ptisoion so fashionable in the rich countries of the west with anything other than astonishment, amusement or utter contempt.Cheers,TG