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You are modeling something as important, if not more important, than your content mix. You are showing us all how to encourage honest criticism and how to grow a community of freedom wherein people have permission to speak the truth as they see it. Thanks for highlighting one of your critics. Clearly, the voice is a minority voice. You have other measures, including the positive comments below, to "prove" that. However, taking it seriously, thoughtfully, will improve your programming in the future. Others follow the 20/80 rule. Jesus had that pesky 99 and 1 rule. And this dialogue is a chance, also, to see Karma at work.

As for the evangelical program, I think the problem may have been format. I think panels get boring easily or else are shouting matches. I was not engrossed by it, either, but I do think it important for your show to include evangelicals, especially in the Emerging Church movement and in the Sojourners community, but also the Rick Warrens, etc. Progressive Christians and, even more, secular humanists have very little understanding of the nuances and complexities of the evangelical world. You need to keep helping your audience understand these and keep reaching out to the segments of the evangelical world for whom your show is much a breath of fresh air as it is to a Muslim or Hindu American who finally feels connected, understood.