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I find the comment a little confusing. Does this person intend their assessment to be just of broadcasts or of new programs from this year? It seems like Repossessing Virtue and The Ethics of Aid are both practical and timely. I'd noticed the number of repeats which I take to be part of production time and summer schedules (by the way, the production value of your program is one thing that helped make me an instant fan when a friend introduced me to the broadcast). I'll always listen to rebroadcasts of Thich Nhat Hanh, which makes a practical difference in my life each time I listen.

As to 'ideas', I'm not clear exactly why that should be a criticism of a program in which "ideas" is one fourth of the stated program coverage (religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas). I can sympathize with the desire to hear about changes in lives, but I also think this is going to be change centered around ideas when the nature of the program is what it is. I'd love to hear a program on Thomas Merton but how that is more "relevant", I don't know.

Perhaps this is my bias, I like the "ideas" part of the show as well as the "relevant" part of the show (here I mean only to use the terms to describe what I imagine the listener is referring to, I don't know how I would separate the program contents into these categories). One critique might be that the variety of listeners you attract puts a burden on you to keep the mix of shows as diverse as the audience and that lately is has had a slant toward one set of listeners. I generally take it that if a program is not my cup of tea, it will still have something interesting that I might take away. Also, no one forces me to listen. I feel free to skip a show or two if I'm not that keen on the topic.