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It sounds to me the writer of the criticism is looking for more fire in the social-change arena. The "gay argument" is stale, the American conservative/liberal controversies haven't recovered yet from the presidential election so they remain primarily political, and things have gotten predictable in the Middle-East. Of course we're bored.

I thought the Anchee Min interview was a bright red spot on a field of more muted tones (I loved it). If you want to keep this kind of reader (as I see the email) satisfied, perhaps something to the tune of working to understand the religious underpinnings of the Chinese human rights practices might hit the mark. I wonder, in the same vein, exploring the religious motivations of atrocites in general or specifically (crusades, holocaust) might create a splash, as it were. Perhaps another dig in the dark might provide some perceived needed contrast to the light so many of us appreciate.

I'm glad you've taken the criticism to the mat, if not to heart. Try not to stifle the development of the show in it's course of growth, though. It's a creative endeavor, and when you're in the thoes of the grind it's easy to forget you're just helping something bloom. I'm also glad to see that people are willing to take the time to thoughtfully try to help construct the show in this way. What a fantastic paradigm you've created.