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I began listening to SOF approximately a year ago, so I have little to offer when it comes to comparisons to mid 2008 or earlier.

That being said, I have realized within the past few weeks that my interest in SOF is more than simply audio content to drown out the sound of angry talk radio. Without being consciously aware of it, I've been on a spiritual journey, and SOF has been a tremendously important part of that.

These programs have been particularly meaningful to me:
Parker Palmer and his words on depression (both the original interview and the Repossessing Virtue interview)
President Carter speaking about his personal faith
Thich Nhat Hahn - he speaks so quietly in this episode ... I enjoy finding still, quiet moments in which to listen intently (you HAVE to ,,, otherwise you can't hear him)
The episode on children and play
Listening to Joe Carter's rich voice singing and speaking of AA spirituals
Interview with Dr Oz about the intersection of medicine and faith
The Alzheimer's episode

I wonder if the dissatisfaction might relate to a slight change in focus ... from "experts" who speak with confidence and authority to "regular people" who speak of the struggles in their day to day life.