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I appreciate the work you do a great deal. Now that my sons no longer have early Sunday hockey practices, I listen almost exclusively by podcast, so I do see that there’s some repetition (in fact, a small technical request – if you repeat a show, it shows up as “new” because it has the new date on it – is there some way to mark the date without having a show appear twice or more on the list?).

I love the feature on Ramadan & I’m wondering whether you couldn’t do that for other holidays, especially the non-Christian ones, but even Christian/American ones like Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, or Martinmas have interesting lessons. In fact, anything that could get us past the goo of Christmas would be great.

I liked your show with John O’Donahue – can you do additional ones with poetry? That’s so well-suited for radio. Maybe Harold Bloom on the Book of Job? Or something on Blake? What about spiritualism? Although ultimately, the anti-science bias became too much, our kids attended a Waldorf school for awhile. Rudolf Steiner, agree with him or not, was certainly an interesting guy and some of his work lives on.

I appreciate the international focus of the show – when I was in college I took a course on Bhakti poetry & there are some marvelous translations – Denise Levertov did one.

Your show on the novelist reminded me of a book by Dorothy L. Sayers called Mind of the Maker. Her views would make an interesting show, perhaps? Thanks for what you do & bon courage.