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I enjoy SOF, but as I reflect on my recent listening, I haven't been as engaged, which I hadn't really reflected on until now. I like the breadth of stories told, the people who you engage, and can enjoy even some of the more esoteric ideas. One thought I've had, is at times, I'm not sure SOF is engaging with the folks who are actually in faith communities. The beauty of the run-of-the-mill stuff that is the essence of how most folks practice their faith. Weekly worship, sacraments, formation, acts of compassion, a commitment to a locality. I think, you should consider engaging folks at where they are at. I'm at a small church in a rural community, do we have a story? Or Muslim teenagers in the US? Or a struggling monastery? I will continue to listen and support SOF, as I think you all do a wonderful job and the podcast makes it available to me, even when it is not carried by my local public radio station. I appreciate that. Thanks & Peace.