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I used to listen every Sunday morning, as michiganradio airs it early and I would awaken to it. Often now, though, as my sleep patterns have changed, so I may not have yet awakened, or perhaps I nod off back into sweet sleep while Krista and her guest(s) are still murmuring quietly in the background.

I do read every email notification regarding upcoming programs and listen to the podcast if I missed the Sunday show and if it sounds interesting. Sometimes I also go listen to archived programs and/or read other things on the site. What is dismaying to me is how often programs are repeated. This makes me wonder why--if perhaps there aren't as many people to interview, not as many new ideas, you're only looking for "famous" people?

I haven't minded listening to any of the programs, and typically enjoy them (rather than just not mind them). Still, I cannot say that I am all about fishing, nor that I am all about gardening, so the topic might not attract me and I may lose interest midway through, but isn't this true of anything for anyone? To each his own, a chacun son gout, and all that jazz.

I think the name of the program should be the driving force for content--whoever's on, whatever you're talking about, you're talking about faith and how it intersects that person's life.