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Hi, I love what you're doing on SOF. I came to your site fairly recently and I am sorry I didn't know about you sooner. I enjoy your interviews. I always find something provocative to wake me up. I also love your recent commentaries section from listeners all over. I read many of the Muslim respondents on your recent "map" and I am grateful you included my words earlier in God as Novelist.

Maybe, and this is not self-serving, you should feature some people who are spiritually active who are not big names in the community, because we are myriad and I think it's not how much one is published but what one is saying and doing. So gather these rosebuds too as I would like to hear from the people in the streets who are deeply spiritual and who have fabulous stories to tell. INTERVIEW them! Studs Terkel did this and his books were beautiful and deep. We are all in this together.

I am in touch with some native American Indians and their feelings about the sacred, about justice, and truth, permeate all that they do. They truly "touch the earth". I have learned to look up the meaning of seeing an animal unexpectedly, a deer in the woods, an eagle perched on the posts by our pool. I feel the depth of this and they surely have accessed deep spiritual truths that have to do with the symbolic and beauty of these happenings. So many, many incredible people. Not everyone has written extensively but they are living lives that could be, incredible novels.

I am seeing a story, an ancient story, coded in words themselves, as secrete is to secret. Perhaps the biggest secret of all is being revealed, a story about LOVE. I do believe in the power of names and naming and I think it's time we asked the question, how is it we can do this alchemy with words themselves, constantly?

As dovetail is to carpentry, to pieces that fit together perfectly, so in the split, I am seeing a dove tale, about peace and like Teilhard de Chardin I too believe there's an arrow to evolution itself, as in the word love within the word, running backwards. I see movement. This story is about love and I believe, deeply, there is music running contrapuntally to all stories and that we are all connected in one vast fabric, that is slowly being revealed. There is a timetable to history.