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Thank you Krista, the production team and staff at SOF. I've been a listener for over a year. Most broadcast I download for road trip listening. I have not found any place where I can access a higher quality of content that at SOF. Repossessing Virtue brought me back from the brink of despair. You will never fathom how helpful just that one series of programing has been for me. Your guest have opened vistas of thinking and being I never thought possible. P. Palmer, Jon Kabit-Zin, J. Carter, V. Guroian, E. Tolle, Naom Remen, J. Hecht, A. Solomon, R. Bondi, A. Barrows, all of them accessible through SOF. All of them literally "casting life rafts". Many thanks!

Keep rolling with critical remarks be "Response-able," as OSHO would say, and continue to grow and explore, by the way, you're good at it.

Suggestions: Barbara Brown Taylor, Cynthia Bourgeault, Fredrick Buechner, Pema Chodron, Donald Miller, Ken Wilber, Chuck Poole, Roger Walsh,Frances Vaughan, David Hawkins, Thomas Keating, Jim Marion. All "heavy hitters".