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'Bak' to the future: I was thinking, since you often interview men and women who have published on the subject of faith/spiritual issues, maybe you could interview some artists. For example, there is Samuel Bak who lives in the Boston area, an artist (born l933) whose work is riveting in its depictions of Holocaust-related subjects. For some his work is too difficult to contemplate in its anguish. What is he trying to tell us? Does he believe in God? There is so much art that is related to spirituality and we know, surely, that the crucifixion itself, resulted in art throughout history, including this day. A cogent book on the subject of pain and creativity, Enduring Creation, Art, Pain, and Fortitude by Nigel Spivey whose BBC series, How Art Made the World with accompanying book, is truly wonderful as is this book. I think any exploration of spiritual issues needs to confront the issue of pain in our lives, because suffering both turns us towards the Divine and also turns us away. How can there be a God that condones such suffering in life? Most arguments that are against the notion of Divinity do bring up this very difficult subject. Spivey begins his book with Auschwitz, the statement by Adorno, "All culture after Auschwitz.. is trash."

I think it would be wonderful to engage on these issues, and to engage with the contemporary artists of our time, whose works do bring us into contact with the ineffable, one way or the other, those eternal questions, who are we? where are we going? what are we doing here?

Think about it: Thou "art" and talk about it.

Just a suggestion.