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Thank you for asking the question! I'm a student in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and stumbled upon your broadcast of the interview with him on-line. I thought it was wonderful and have been listening off and on to your program every since. I read a lot of Buddhist texts and commentary- sometimes too much. When I listen to your program I appreciate being able to expand my view. I can see beyond my own faith and appreciate how we are interconnected.
As a Canadian I also appreciate hearing some of philosophical and theological issues in your country. It helps bring me deeper understanding of what goes on in American minds - something not really possible by way of popular culture.
I love so many aspects of your programs and I don't agree that it has wandered off into esoteric ideas. There have been strong programs about current issues recently.
But even if it had I wouldn't mind. Ideas and actions inter-are. I love that your program doesn't make excuses for delving deeply. I also enjoy that you don't make excuses for talking about social action. There are times when we create a dichotomy of these two things- either theologically oriented or social action oriented. What a blessing to listen to those people on your program that know they are not separate.
I too enjoyed the repossessing virtue podcasts (esp. Parker Palmer). I also enjoy the idea offered of speaking to ordinary folk about faith. I think this is relevant and helpful.
My wish is that there was simply more programming like yours.
Peace and Joy on your journey.