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I mostly find SOF of strong interest--the recent interview w/the Kenyan man talking about development aid was REALLY IMPORTANT! But, I can see (to soem extent) the critical listener's point: hearing from people of faith who are "making a difference in the world" is very VERY much needed (and one hears too few of religious/spiritual people like that). I've really enjoyed hearing POETS on your program, too!
SUGGESTED GUEST: consider haivng on ROBERT JENSEN, oringinally from the Midwest, living/teacing now at the U of Texas in Austin, author of servreal books:the latest talks about his spiritual journey BACK to Christianity as a progressive activist. It's called ALL MY BONES SHAKE. I've interviewede him and here's his phone number & email: contact info:
Robert Jensen (512)471-1990

Keep on producing a wonderful show--and thanks for listening to your listeners!
Lydia Howell, Minneapolis,MN