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How lovely that you would reply to my criticism. I feel rather chagrined! I should have written that I so appreciate the Ramadan Revealed podcasts, and wish I could hear more Muslim voices on the weekly show. They seem very far and few between given that Muslims comprise of over 1.4 billion souls on the earth. Additionally, Islam is widely recognized as the fastest growing faith in America–while many other traditions are losing followers, we are not.
Krista's interview with Dr. Mattson was wonderful, and I appreciated the interview with Eboo Patel, and there are so many, many interesting Muslims in America, doing so many incredible things, I hope that you are inspired to find more of them in the future. I have plenty of ideas if you need them!
Thank you again for your kind reply.

Kari AnsariEditor, America's Muslim Family Magazinewww.americasmuslimfami...