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Hi Marymetta, I just received your commentary on my email and it's nice to know one's writing is being read, and that you share this same feeling, about including so many people in our lives, who are truly often invisible to the world at large but very great in terms of spirit, action, and how they affect us all.

We are all of us equal. I learned a profound truth a long time ago, and that is, the small things we do for each other are equal to anything big that is done, that we all recognize, that is published far and wide. We are all of us the family of man and all in this together. So the marathon IS the human race and I would say compassion and love is the laurel. So small IS big, and I do believe those who are stars, are only one of many in a firmament of stars. It's often darkness visible that brings in the light. I think we have opportunity to be angels for each other, oppor TUNE ity, and I do know for us all, it's about that music, about harmony and "unisong".

There is a river that runs out of Eden and what it carries is a profound truth about LOVE.

As we approach Thanksgiving I am thanking all those people who made my days, a little bit brighter, and as for those who gave me pause, who hurt me, I learned from this lessons in sensitivity, and so for everyone who was and is part of my story, I say, THANKS for bringing me to this place. Happy Thanksgiving!