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Hi Nancy

The idea of SOF helping build communities that might be brought together to discuss various issues is quite promising.

My particular interest is mysticism and I am in individual telephone and email discussions regarding this and participate on related topics on Belief Net and on Paul Martin’s blog at and other places. I also meet a few people who notice my own website.

Let’s look at the possibilities. For example you have now let us know of an interesting discussion taking place on Kelli’s blog ( and so now those of us who are interested in this, and other topics on her blog, have the chance to participate in these discussions.

Going from there, on this SOF blog and on SOF facebook, you could make a regular announcement of, for example, a weekly or monthly discussion topic that folks could participate in. I know at least 3 people who would eagerly join such discussions, depending on what topics were being discussed. Or there could be more than one discussion group going on. For example I might find 6 people interested in discussing bridal mysticism, while there are many others who would have no interest in that, but are currently interested in other topics.

Other possibilities are almost endless (you might consider obtaining a volunteer staff for some of these.) One is the idea of a “permanent” listing of books that people have suggested for various topics.