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I have a comment. What new light or new story are you trying to shed on the subject? Many books have been written and the stories are already in print. In short, the story has been told. Go to the library and look them up. What really needs to be written about is the tragedies of our native youth committing suicide on all the lakota reservations. The substance abuse and the lack of federal government support in dealing with native people. The lack of opportunities and funding for my people to regain their self-respect and to regain the once majestic dignity Sitting Bull had while he was alive.
These are the true issues we as Americans need to address. Look at how the indigenous people of this country are being treated. Write about what is and what is not being done on reservations and how we can learn from the past and work to a more successful and fulfilling future for native people. Although, the past is important and should be revered. Let us look to the future and what we can do to help our people.
Thank you.