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Suggestion: You may want to include a segment on " younger people's perspectives'/recommendations on climate change" as well . i received this today re the Children's Climate Forum in Dec in
Denmark and i am " spreading the word' to parents/younger people who may want to apply.

Thanks for all you do.

Boston Ma

Children's Climate Forum
The UNICEF Children's Climate Forum (CCF) is a youth event held in Copenhagen,
Denmark, scheduled for December, 2009. The aim of the CCF is to create a cadre
of young global citizens to advance young people's understanding of global
issues and to provide a platform for them to discuss and advocate on these
issues. Three to five students, ages 14 to 17, will be chosen through an
application process from across the country to represent the United States in
Denmark. To request an application, please email volunteer@.... The
deadline to apply is July 31st.