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I love this stuff. There's so much going on that isn't reported very much. my MA thesis is looking at climate change and financial crisis and the renegotiation of the social contract which inherently has to do with morality, though at this stage i'm not talking about the religious perspective. next paper, i suppose. Maryknoll is doing some interesting work thinking about both. the 'no growth' movement is interesting too, definately worth a story or two. how do we have 'faith in science' and 'faith in models' - especially wehn those models are often wrong? Whom do we trust? We can ( i do) compare economic models and scientific models - there's a lot of interesting similarities - and the distrust that we expereince towards both of them - fascinating comparisons to religion, how we think, modernization, and different epistemologies. Contact me if you want more on that angle. There's also a story to be had in how foundations are responding to both these issues (ie, foundations have lost a ton of money recently. what are they funding? not funding? what is the role that foundations play in the forming (or halting) Movements?) and there's a story in what's being left out now that climate change is taking center stage - what - who - are we not paying attention to?
i assume you've got the new ways that religions are interacting with environmental issues covered. and, there's a story in unlikely partnerships/coalitions building around climate change that haven't worked together before, and what are they learning (or not learning) from one another. nice ethical/morality underpining there.