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I've been thinking about this for a few days... and here are the votes of this Irish Jury.
I like Speaking of Faith - I've always seen that it's about a multiplicity of faiths - whether that's faith in a doctrinal system of beliefs, in human capacity, or in an analysis of the human condition - all of those are faith perspectives, and I have loved the nurture (and challenge) given by your programme to these things.

So, I'm happy with Speaking of Faith.

I'd be interested in hearing some more from the conversation amongst the staff team about how you may have felt the current title may be narrowing - is that a gut instinct, or from some feedback... etc.?

From the titles given, I like First Person, and Listening Generously and Consider This...
I'd wondered about something incorporating the whole idea of first-person narrative over the last few days, and also wondered about whether that phrase from Krista's book - the vast middle - would be a starting point. I've always found that to be a helpful way of understanding the energy with which the programme's conversations are structured.

I also like the word Encounter. Gerard Van Kaam once said "Human encounter is the essence of cure, in the deepest sense"...

Whatever it's called, I'll listen.