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Thank you for your wonderful programs. I am a committed Christian who appreciates learning about other faith traditions. I often remember an incident that has been important to me when thinking about faith and service. Years ago my pastor visited me at my place of work - a non-profit serving people with disabilities. I worked in the fundraising office, so I didn't provide direct service. But she asked me if I see my work as "mission." I thought for a moment, and decided that yes, I am in mission. I am serving the clients. I am reaching out to people who are the widows, orphans, sick, homeless, hungry - people who have needs that they cannot meet on their own, and I am serving them. I carried that thought with me to my current work as a grant writer for an agency providing services for victims of domestic violence. My faith informs my work tremendously even though I work for a secular organization. And your conversation about our beliefs being of little value unless they result in good works is so true.