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I'm also wondering what the take-away for the reader is in a case like this. "OMG, al-Qaeda's training babies" or whatever.

Krista mentioned a desire to interview renowned scholar Akbar Ahmed about Pakistan. I'm also looking at a couple of other voices. I'm intrigued by Mohsin Hamid, the author of the Booker Prize-nominated The Reluctant Fundamentalist. He's very mellow, but he reminds me of Binyavanga Wainaina from our Ethics of Aid show, one of these post-colonial literary intellectuals with stakes in several countries.

And really, a lot of that Ethics of Aid show echoes in my ears in the context of this article: a foreign-educated middle class, a government that did (or didn't) emphasize education and a track to employment, and even an obliviousness to violence: "What's really ironical about it is that as you sit here watching it on CNN, in Nairobi you're watching yourself on CNN too."