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My work life is a series of compromises. We want to be there for Krista and attend to line producing events like this. This is a concern Kate and I discussed yesterday. We also want to serve our audiences better and more completely. I consider it a great privilege to be able to attend these events, and many people can't for many different reasons. And sometimes writing up the event afterward doesn't capture the spirit of the moment, of the audience, of the person communicating.

Being mindful, in my opinion, is more than being solely attentive. I believe the benefit to be nobler and that we are better stakeholders and journalists when we share these experiences in whatever format possible for that situation. I long for these speeches to be recorded on video or on tape, but the overhead is too much. Perhaps viewing technology as an obstacle or a vehicle for dissonance does a disservice to the focus it may bring — that a different type of clarity and deep listening is involved, and in the process certain points are highlight. It's much like editing: some points are lost in order to give greater prominence to other poignant ones.

There are always costs when making these trade-offs. I fear that in striving to be mindful a certain solipsism takes over. But, you are right. Making these decisions are always a struggle. I try to make the best ones I can and hope that others are served well in the process.