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I like your point about attentiveness being like editing. It is . I've always been a bit wary of mindfulness as something to srtive for -- a discipline, sure, but as you point out, one may become too aware of it, not enough -- either of which gets in the way.

I've done loads of live music coverage over the years, in all sorts of situations, as a writer, photographer, and producer and it is always a challenge -- an engaging one, to be sure -- to find the balance of immediacy with other sorts of context. It's not about me, it's? about the music. and the interaction/intersection of audience, music, and performer, I sometimes think, and those who see my take on an event will learn what they need to know about me from my choices. Yet, I am the one who is there and others are not, so I have wider context. New ways to work within all these ideas as things such as twitter develop.

thanks for continuing the conversation.