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I read "dazzled" as to be inspired with wonder and awe at the conversation rather than blinded by a bright, shiny display. Perhaps "electric" might be more apropos, and a better descriptor of an audience in a public forum -- which we don't often get to do.

One of the points of this entry is that I'm the type of producer who breaks out in hives at the thought of these types of interviews. I usually pitch the little-known and uncommon voices -- a James Prosek, a Mercedes Doretti, listeners' voices for our Being Catholic show. But, as Krista and Mitch pointed out after attending the Women's Conference, there are celebrities like Maria Shriver, Chris Matthews, Christine Amanpour who are really interesting and have compelling stories to tell. The general public rarely gets to hear them though. I found Krista's conversations with Elie Wiesel and Mehmet Oz (Oprah's Dr. Oz) and Jimmy Carter and Chuck Colson to be enlightening too.

I know Krista could draw out these interesting threads and explore the depths of some of these more feted celebrities. I'm prepared to be surprised and delighted by the process.