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Thank you for sending me the interview and essay by Alan Diensberg re Writing and Alzheimers. It was extremely nourishing for me to read and listen just now. I'm just back from a visit to my mum, who's in the early stages of Alzheimers. I find it extremely depressing, as we never had a good relationship, and it seems impossible to rectify this now, even though every time I'm going to see her, I think 'this time I'll make things different, I'll be patient with her, we'll talk about memories'... and so on. It isn't helped by the fact that she's very hard of hearing, but also, because she flatly refuses to accept that she has Alzheimers, or that there's anything wrong with her at all. She's so angry and upset at being stopped from driving, and refuses to see that it wasn't safe. I feel that so much more could be being done for her at present, but there just don't seem to be the services where she lives. She lives alone, and I worry that she's not safe, but is fiercely independent, and would resist any attempt to get her to move to sheltered accommodation. Thanks for letting me write this, and thank you so much for this site, which I stumbled on quite by accident, by a circuitous route, after the wonderful Irish writer John O'Donohue died. Love and blessings, Solasan (NE Scotland, UK)