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Krista you are amazing! I have listened to your program since you first aired. The diversity of issues you bring to us each week is like trying to drink from a fire hydrant!! Yet in this diversity there seems to always flow this common thread of the great mystery of who we are . I was present at the deaths of both my parents- my dad was 40, I was ten; my mom was 56, I was 24 and raised my younger brother as a result. So the mystery of life and death has touched me since my youth.

I wait each week in anticipation of your next show. Each buoys me up as I face my own challenge of end stage heart disease that is inoperable and with 14 stents in my heart. I am being considered for a heart transplant. My life is now fairly physically contained to simple chores which exhaust me and give rise to angina. My heart disease also brought on a severe form of Fibromyalgia. But I still have my mind and you weekly presentations keep those glia cells humming! Your work elevated the status of the Peabody award you program so rightly deserved. There is almost a cult trailing behind you!! :)

I give these personal notes because I look to your show each week for another way to keep thriving amidst some very tough odds- all 17 of my family members have died of sudden cardiac death or stroke. I wake each day grateful I am still breathing. I love the Spring. It is so beautiful here in Utah right now with all the flowers and blooming trees and the white capped mountains.

BTW I have read "Here if you need me" and am plunging into Neibuhr. I have studied Derrida and Barthe and others in grad school so he doesn't scare me I just have to stop and think so often that it takes forever getting through one of his books. In fact I am going broke buying all the books that you recommend! And yes I have read both of your books- how do you find the time to write?! I am considering going to Anem Cara this summer myself for a retreat in poetry and dreams providing my heart is willing since I cannot even take short walks anymore. I very much miss John O'Donohue.

I tell everyone I know about your great program!!! Thank you so very much- Charles