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Genesis 2: 7

My mother is 80. She has many serious diseases in her body: from heart problems (she serves others), emphysema (she never smoked), depression (she has been always happy and singing with a beautiful voice), to colon cancer (she has assimilated life like it is). They appear and disappear. She says she is not feeling bad, or pain in her body, and knowing she is going to die, is unbelievable lucid to want to live until 90.

I told her last week: "Mother, you are so healthy." Her voice had a sonorous YES!. Her emphatic confirmation about that reality of feeling "good" in the middle of all her affections, kept our conversation active and fertile. She just want to learn how these "health issues" are going in her life. Getting ready with the questions for the physicians is a therapy for her: "I have some moments where I don't know how to breathe." "Why, sometimes, when I drink something, it is coming out from my nostrils?"

Then we concluded: "How important is to be aware about our breathing. It indeed heals us. It is a vital sign to cope with in the final decision of leaving this physical world. It surrenders to the ultimate human resource: God.