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I listenened to the program today, my birthday. A time of reflection and of looking ahead. I have lived and dealt with depression in myself and in family members. I, also, have sound no solace in those people who try to lift us out, (however well-intentioned), because it makes me feel even worse; guilty that I am in the state I am in at that time. I have been on medication for several years, which is invaluable. However, there still exists that tendency to be melancholy and "overly sensitive". Maybe that is a gift.
I work as a massage therapist with cancer patients and the comment made by Parker Palmer gave me reassurance about the work I do. Sometimes there is only the touching of the feet or body; but it is intimate in that it is accepting and loving. I try to channel the love and compassion I feel into my hands and being. It is like a quote from the book, Stranger in a Strange Land, "Thou art God". He is in me and my hands and being. If I can transmit some of that acceptance and grace to another during a difficult time, it lifts us both up.