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Our mind is our worst enemy or our redeemer.

All illnesses appear and disappear. All human beings appear and disappear. The universe itself appears and disappears. Also, truth appears and disappears. Good and evil appear and disappear. What or Who is going to be omnipresent? In the lung run, God is the ultimate human resouce.

When we are living the illness of depression, and fall in the fetal position, we face (1) reborn again, (2) death in life, or (3) death. Depression is the right place and the right moment to find spiritual enlightement in each individual life of believers and unbelievers. When we as faithful people forget our faith, when we as humans forget our beliefs, ideals, ethics, opinions, thoughts -- a moment that depression brings to us clearly -- the desolation is full. You cannot look at the sky for consolation: the starts of heaven fall to your head, This is a final judgment in our lives. It is the apocaliptic relationship with the creator of our own life. And of course, the crucial moment of revelation of the truth.

Seeking for help is a cautionaty word. Breathing is a simple, frugal, gentle healing process to put you calm and recover your lucidity in that moment of darkness, when you don't find anybody, nothing, nada, that comes to your mind to help you. Breathing is the connection with the life source one that breathed into our nostrils the breath of life, and, thus, we can become a living being again.