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Of the numerous SOF programs I have heard in the past number of years it is this one I've perhaps most "leaned into". I too struggle, like so many, with depression. What i want to express here is really more of a question than a comment, though, yet still perhaps relevant. I have struggled with depression most of my adult life. I am a 44 year old male and first experienced a clinically diagnosed bout of depression at the age of 28. Ironically (to me anyway) the first year of a masters degree in seminary. My emotional life, my faith, and unfortunatly a marriage, all crumbled. Fifteen plus years later I am still trying to understand the many and varied nuances of depressions effect on my life, and my faith journey. For me depression (and it's various counterparts) have been the fork in the road of my life and Christian faith from which I still find myself mostly lost. Yet at the same time the mystery that I believe is a part of depression does remind me of this mysterious thing I call "my faith journey'. I once believed I knew God and God's calling on my life and into ministry. I now question, and am trying to understand and integarate into my life and faith, how what I once was so certain of has because such a puzzle. And I can't conclude it was simply all pure naiveté. I also wrestle specificlaly with the role(s) of shame and guilt in conection to depression. Perhaps in the context of such a rich and wonderful program as this weeks SOF I wish this one piece could have been touched upon. Perhaps fodder for a program and/or conversation down the road! I'm grateful for SOF, Krista Tippett, and those whom her gift and talent bring to so many through this venue. Even in the enigma of depression it is these thoughts and ideas and people who remind me of the truth that I am not alone and that I can yet hope in God of salvation and redemption.