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I too suffer from depression and have been on medication for years. My now teen-aged daughter also suffers. She had her first major depressive incident when she was 9 and has been on medication ever since. Recently she decieded to get off the medication and discover her true self. She tells me she is commited to living an authentic life and can no longer continue to live as the false Eve (i.e., medicated Eve) THe other day as I was driving her somewhere your program "coencidently " came on the car radio and Eve laughed as the friend of Andrew Sullivan described how she coped with her depression by shedding her home, boyfriend and friends. While she recognized part of herself in the portraial she insisted she was fine. Meanwhile Eve has curled up in the fetal position sucking her thumb insisting on living her life as her truer self. It remains very difficult that the mainstream media doesnt want to recognize depression as a true illness and instead understands it as a character flaw. I too struggle with the definition as others tell me to tough it out. As the world becomes more compelx and our bodies and psyches try to adjust I wonder how we will evolve to cope.