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1. Free Attitude and Responsibility

Human beings are not yet prepared for the responsibilities of freedom in an age of complex technology and interdependence, because the immense majority of us are slaves to ourselves, technology, progress, and liberalities such as money, sex, material things and comfort in a world that exchange education, life orientation, and the power within us for living the moment, profits orientation, and the desire for those material power.

We lost the connection with our liberty through many examples of the human attitude throughout history, and our lack of responsibility within ourselves telling us that once we were liberated from slavery we become libertine many years ago. A clear and contemporary example exists in ghettos areas where the youth living there are perceived to have liberty now, but where a big segment of these young people have created three ways of follow rules living in their society: 1. Die. 2. Go to jail. 3. Be a drug dealer; and we can generalize this attitude with this human nature to all races because of the overall strong desire for monetary rewards instead of a worthy ethical liberated self. We must try again and again to make a new connection with that term called freedom by showing ethical responsibility.

Too much light can blur our vision if we are not protected or prepared to receive it, where education is the key, discovering in all senses our capabilities and dreams, letting us move to profound truths in our human landscape, making those dreams true, and keeping them alive between generations.