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Hey, Everyone

I just want to start off with stating that one in TEN Americans, and even more dramatically about one in four women will experience Clinical depression at some point in their lives. Some people find it to be a lesson of the human Soul. Karen who is doing this broadcast talks about how she had depression and how she spiritually came out of it. Death has a lot to do with suicide. It talks a bout a guy Andrew who was going to commit suicide :(. He said he wasn't a religious person before, but when his mother died he was so depressed. Andrew said though that it wasn't "sadness". He said that he find it difficult to eat, to go outside, and being afraid all the time. He said it isn't a primary sadness kind of thing. He is on medication and will be on it forever. He says he is on too many pills. (He wrote his own book on it). He said taking pills are like going to make sure your teeth are still in your mouth. He knows he is okay he just fall into place again. He didn't really change though. I understand how he is explaining this. He said he still the same person, the same personality. His medication just brings him back to himself. He said he feels comfortable around the Old Testament. He finds basic lesson in them, and he finds them helping. Andrew Is a Jew, "depression is the flaw in Love" that was his quote. He explains that the feeling of love couldn't be here without the feeling of lost. I think he got this from his mother passing away. He still misses him mother a lot you can tell when you hear him talk about his mother. He said when he is depressed he doesn't even know who he is. That is very scary to know that someone can face this in depression.

I have never been depressed like this so I don't know how it feels, but I study it a lot since I am going to school for counseling. He said he didn't want to right a religious book but he is not very religious. Karen says her conditions were classical. The normal Symptoms. (Loss of hunger, sleepiness, sadness etc) Depression is absolutely tiring, that’s why people commit. Suicide. Some people come out of it and come spiritual. It talks about a guy that thought the spiritual life was like climbing a mountain to reach God. Some people can come out of it. So where is called in all of this? He said he thinks of god now not up there anymore in the mountain, but down here next to him. He said Depression is a full body experience. He said that he knows God wants him to live a good life this guys name is Parker. He just said this is how he felt. He said that his psychologist helped him when she said "Parker you seem to look upon depression as a hand of an enemy trying to crush you do you think you could see it as a hand of a friend pressing you on ground which you are wiling to stand". He asked why I fill Full of death. She said you fill more dark before you get better. So you have to suffer before you get better. He said at first he didn't understand that but later he does just like the other quote. This is just some of how Parker felt He said he felt worse when people asked him WHY you are DEPRESSED. You are such a happy person. This actually makes a depressive person more depressive. So beware of this when you are by a depressive person. You shouldn't ask why? You should be present and hang in with them. You don't know how they feel. Depressions Runs everyone, even in poetry. In this Broadcast it talks a bout this. There am a lot in this broadcast and If I were you I would Listen to it. It helps you understand People. It makes you clear of how they feel and how you can MAKE a difference in someone life. If someone even says they want to kill themselves. Take it serious, don't just sit there and watch it. Like some of the people in this broadcast said Depression is very tiring. You get tired and want to give up. Only some people come out to the light of God. Depression is something most people go through. I would love for some other people in my group to do this broadcast So i can get more insight to it. It's such an informing broadcast its hard to get everything. It really talks about how some people face it. I know I haven't faced hard depression, but I know I want to make a difference for those on the "dark side". It can be dangerous, especially in clinical depression. Death is a main source of depression. Depression doesn't do it justice, its almost like dismissing it. I just wanted to add that poetry is one source to go to for depression. A lot of people go to poetry when they feel Depressed. It's a good way that if you are depressed to go to. The Soul in depression is so much more than what people think. People face so much when they are depressed just hearing a few people it makes you have insight; however Depression can Make you have maturity and growth. You can come out of it on a better spiritual side of it. There is light after darkness