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My interpretation was that the program didn't so much romanticize depression as... validated it. To say that, after the suffering has eased, there is some benefit of wisdom that is uniquely the result of that suffering. That tends to be what we want out of any kind of hardship -- to find some good that came with it. I did hear a couple times the guests and Krista emphasize that no insight can come while in deep depression, so I thin k the guests would agree with you on that point.

I myself have been fortunate in only having one finite experience with a depression that quickly dissipated after I left the job that caused it. I can't say I'm glad I felt so wretched and did so little that felt productive for those six months, but it was humbling to know that it could happen to me -- to understand that, even with a loving supportive family, an acutely logical brain, and a sincere relationship with God, I could become so overwhelmed as to not be able to file a piece of paper. ... It helped me to understand my own limitations, and helped me to respect and understand my friends' depression and why logic couldn't get them out of it.