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O Julia, thanks for your kind words directed to "Krista", but spreaded to everyone who may read them. I guarantee that your depression is far away for relapse. You are free now! and I am so glad to welcome you in this blog.

Other important "light" of the "syndrome" of our host in her introduction to the subject of "depression" was: "But I will stress here — as much for myself as for anyone reading — that we are not in a place to find spiritual enlightenment when we are in the throes of this illness." This was the main motivator to me to make a connection and help about the topic.

Not seeing gain in a pain is what brings to desperation. This kind of depressive vision needs to be addresed with understanding and patience. Understand that Krista approached the topic with her inner self. It biased the benefits of spiritual enlightment in the middle of the "chaos and darkness" that indeed exist for many people who have cope with depression. Actually, spiritual enlightment ultimately determines the way to overcome depression. Undertand, also, that Krista could intend to separate herself to the mision of her business "speaking of faith".